Girlfriends & Chocolate Tickets


Her Legacy is an organization that exists for the purpose of making Christ’s name known through love and action.  

Whether it be: a single mother struggling to make ends meet with little to no support system; a foster teen girl who, for reasons outside of her control, finds herself in a strange home with no family or hope that it will get better; or, an orphaned child in Mexico who has zero hope of adoption and absolutely no idea why, or how, they are in an unfamiliar environment surrounded by other displaced children Her Legacy is determined to be the answer.

Compassion for people is the driving force behind our organization. On February 21, 2019 Her Legacy is hosting our bi-annual charity event, Girlfriends and Chocolate.  This night is designed to raise awareness, as well as, support for Bethel orphanage in Juarez, Mexico.  There are over 100 children who live at the orphanage that will most likely never find themselves in a forever family.  As you can probably imagine these children live in conditions that are less than favorable because of a lack of finances and support.  With your help we can work together to make a difference and, literally, be the change in the life of a child while leaving a legacy for Christ.