We are a non-profit Christian Woman Advocacy Organization that exists to gather women from all walks of life, everyday women who have a desire for the greater cause of making God’s name known through love and action (1 John 3:18). Our heart is to meet the needs of orphans, foster children, sick children, single-mothers and the elderly by advocating and bringing awareness for these causes. We pioneer and partner with individuals, the local church, businesses and existing organizations that are also making a difference. Her Legacy promotes values of Christian discipleship, humanitarian efforts, community outreach, volunteerism, higher education, advocating prominent health issues, social issues and positive leadership.

The desire to Propel, Equip and Inspire women and girls of all ages to fulfill the God-given mandate and destiny that is on their lives. We want to motivate, encourage and teach them to pour their lives out, answer and be the answer to the call and leave a “legacy for Christ” while on earth and one that will last a lifetime in the books of eternity.

Isaiah 61:1-6

Leave a
legacy of love.


LOVE: a profoundly tender, passionate, affection, for another person; a warm personal attachment as for a parent, child or friend.

Project: LOVE’s REACH, RESPOND, RESCUE is Her Legacy’s humanitarian mission to love, advocate for and bring awareness to abandoned, neglected, abused and orphaned children. Each year we want to give to the amazing organizations that we have partnered with in order to bring about change locally & globally. We want to encourage every woman to consider how she can leave her legacy by pouring her love into each of these amazing causes.

To succeed in TOUCHING with an OUT-STRETCHED hand…

We want to REACH out to those right in our own backyard here in Lubbock. Her Legacy REACHES out to Buckner Children’s Home to help provide monetary and non-monetary items. We desire to stretch out our hand and touch the hearts of hurting foster children.

To make a return by some ACTION as if in ANSWER

In Mexico, we want to take ACTION by being the ANSWER to the problems, immediate needs and prayers of the orphan children of Bethel Orphanage.

To FREE or DELIVER from confinement, violence, danger and evil.

In Africa, we desire to move forcibly into Action with BABYSAFE to RESCUE babies before they are thrown into dumpsters and deliver them from death.

An outreach program to serve our local community.

Outreaching to foster children, single mothers, sick children & the elderly.

Our desire is to SERVE, LOVE & HELP them by BLESSING and CONNECTING with them! We will BLESS those we serve with gifts, practical needed items and providing fun events. We will CONNECT by meeting with those we serve on consistent basis to build lasting relationships. The Her Legacy team invites you to leave your legacy by pouring out your heart, life and time for those who need us by volunteering and joining our “LEGACY in the CITY” volunteer team!!

Leave your legacy.

The women of Her Legacy


Erika Ponce
Her Legacy


Elizabeth Castaneda
Project:LOVE Team Leader
Legacy in the City Interim Team Leader
Foster Children Home

Through volunteers, team leaders and God’s love, we are making an impact on our community and our world. If you would like to join with us in sharing the love and compassion of Christ please contact us. There are various ways to give your legacy of love to others.

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